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ICAS – Global body of CAs

ICAS is a professional body for more than 20,000 world class business men and women who work in the UK and in more than 100 countries around the world. Our members have all achieved the internationally recognised and respected CA qualification (Chartered Accountant). We are an educator, examiner, regulator, and thought leader.

Almost two thirds of our working membership work in business; many leading some of the UK's and the world's great companies. The others work in accountancy practices ranging from the Big Four in the City to the small practitioner in rural areas of the country.

We currently have around 3,000 students striving to become the next generation of CAs under the tutelage of our expert staff and members. We regulate our members and their firms. We represent our members on a wide range of issues in accountancy, finance and business and seek to influence policy in Europe and the UK, always acting in the public interest.

ICAS was created by Royal Charter in 1854.

CAs – World-class business professionals

As a CA you hold one of the most prestigious professional accountancy qualifications available.  No matter where you go in the world, employers will appreciate who you are: a dynamic, capable, forward-thinking and versatile business professional.

Becoming a CA could put you on the fast track to some of the most powerful positions in business, with the ability and opportunity to explore many different areas of the accountancy profession and in industry.  Or, for those with an entrepreneurial flair, becoming a CA can provide the perfect foundation for starting your own business.

The CA qualification 

To study for the CA qualification you enter into a training contract with an ICAS authorised employer.  This contract is in addition to your terms and conditions of employment.

Passing exams is important but to qualify as a CA, some knowledge can only be acquired and applied at work.  Along with studying and sitting exams, you are also required to gain relevant and practical experience with an ICAS authorised employer.

You'll find an exciting and diverse range of organisations to work with. 

Find out more about becoming an ICAS Chartered Accountant 

For further information about the CA qualification or to read some extraordinary CA profiles, you can visit our dedicated site BecomeaCA.icas.com


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